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The 17 Most Shocking Things We've Learned On Pottermore

As Pottermore approaches its next House Cup on September 26th, we look back at the most shocking things J.K. Rowling has revealed on the site about the vast Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Sorted in order of discovery.

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1. Merlin was a Slytherin?!


According to the Slytherin acceptance letter, the oft reviled house was home to the greatest wizard of all time! Props to Slytherin – you win at most awesome former student. But we have to wonder – doesn't that mean Hogwarts is older than the King Arthur legends? o.O

2. Professor McGonagall was engaged to a muggle?! And later married?!


That's right, Minerva McGonagall had a love life! Sadly, she broke up with her muggle fiancé to avoid a marriage of secrets like her parents', and her later marriage to an older wizard left her widowed only three years later. Gives us a new respect for our favorite Scottish Transfiguration teacher!

3. Flitwick and McGonagall were almost in the opposite houses?!


According to the article on hatstalls, a term for the Sorting Hat taking a particularly long time to sort a student, both Flitwick and McGonagall were a toss-up between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw! Can you imagine?

4. Quirrell was literally possessed by Voldemort?!


Many speculated that weak-willed Quirrell was swayed, as Pettigrew had been, to serve Voldemort. But Rowling revealing that Quirrell was literally possesed by Voldemort's spirit when he took refuge on the back of his head sheds a whole new, horrible light on the first DADA professor.

5. Quirrell had a hobby of pressing wild flowers?!


Okay, so this is only shocking if you've seen A Very Potter Musical, which came out before this tidbit was revealed. But it does makes you wonder: Has Rowling seen it? Is Team Starkid just that good? It's remarkably uncanny!

7. The Malfoy Family used to hang with Muggles?!


Okay, okay, to be fair this association was many generations before the Malfoys we love to hate, going back to before the International Statute of Secrecy in 1692. And of course, they only hung out with rich, powerful Muggles. But still, funny to think about! It's even rumored that a Malfoy tried to romance Elizabeth I (unsuccessfully, of course).

10. Lupin's father called werewolves evil?! And that's why he got bitten?!


Lupin's father, it should be noted, was provoked into saying this, when Fenrir Greyback was about to be let free on a murder charge because the Ministry refused to believe Lyall Lupin's evidence that he was a werewolf. But geez, talk about children suffering for the mistakes of the father!

11. Lupin's parents met through a boggart?!


Lyall Lupin, a wizard, saved Hope Howell, a muggle, from a boggart in the form of a large, evil-looking man in a Welsh forest late one night. Even after he admitted the man wasn't real, they still fell in love and the rest, they say, is history. Puts Lupin's first lesson in perspective, huh? (I'm not crying... you're crying!)

12. Sir Cadogan might have been a Knight of the Round Table?! And friends with Merlin?!


Sir Cadogan, for those who don't remember, was the painted knight featured in Prisoner of Azkaban. He briefly replaces the Fat Lady as the Gryffindor Portrait after Sirius Black slashed her painting, and was... less than effective as guardian of the Gryffindor common room. This tidbit revealed by Rowling shows he wasn't entirely useless in life. Color us surprised! (Plus, imagine the Merlin crossover fics...)

13. If two werewolves mate and get pregnant on the full moon, they have wolf babies?! And those are the "werewolves" that live in the Forbidden Forest?!


Well... that's something we never really wanted to know, but okay. So... are they "werewolves" or just "wolves"?

14. A Time-Turner once caused 25 people to be unborn?!


Rowling revealed that Time-Turners were long ago restricted to five hour trips, as trips further back than that have dangerous consequences, such as the case above (There goes every Marauders-era time travel fanfic we love out the window).

15. Owls can find people just by their names??


We've often wondered how owls could deliver mail, especially in cases like Sirius Black's where the recipient had no address. Turns out, owls, with their “innate bent for magic” can sense the “mystical association between the name and the user who bears it.” Gotta love owls :)

16. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have more students than Hogwarts?!


This makes sense since the two European schools serve the witches and wizards of multiple countries, while Hogwarts just serves the UK. But none of us want to admit the schools are superior to Hogwarts in any way.

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