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Will We Get A Stranger Things 2 Spin-Off With The Misfit Murder Squad From Chicago?

I know an origin story when I see one.

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There are a lot of people calling S2E2: The Lost Sister the worst episode of Stranger Things EVER. You're entitled to your opinion, but I LOVED IT.

Either way, I'm sure we all thought the same thing when Eleven found her sister's ragtag army: is this a low-budget Suicide Squad remake? Because, no thank you.

But just listen, okay? I think we could have something here!


Anything associated with the Stranger Things franchise is worth watching. And waiting like 12 years for the next season will be AGONY. So let's all pin our hopes on this vague prediction I've come up with.

Checklist: gang of misfits, living on the fringes of society, one of them has superpowers.


Are they murderers? Sure, but they have their reasons. The squad leader is a woman (YASSSS) and she's Jane's sort-of sister. So you KNOW Eleven would have some cameos in their spin-off. Plus there's the muscle, with huge arms and an even bigger heart.

All they need is better squad goals (no pun intended).


Just wanting to murder a bunch of people is LAME. Especially when these people are SCIENTISTS who can say they were just following orders. But, what if they were still doing experiments on a bunch of kids, like Eight and Eleven, somewhere else? Suddenly, Kali's gang are on a mission to torture every scientist in order to get the location of the kids and SHUT DOWN their whole operation. That's a squad goal I can get behind.

They travel around the US hunting down everyone involved in these government experiments. And maybe, along the way, they learn a little something about themselves.


I'm not sure what, yet. We got very little character development in their 20 minutes of airtime. But I sense they will become closer as a team. I a family.

Guys, am I basically just writing fan fiction right now? Maybe.


When they do eventually find the location of the mysterious lab where those other gifted children are being held hostage by SCIENTISTS (that word has started to become so sinister), then there will be an awesome twist. One of the gifted kids will be able to see Eleven (in her mind) and she'll tell Kali that her sister is in danger.

Do you know what this means? That's right: CROSSOVER EPISODE!


Kali and her buddies get in their van and drive through the night to get to Hawkins. I'm not sure where they were before then, but it was so far away that we think they won't make it. Cut to Eleven, Hopper and the rest of the OG team. They're just about to be defeated by the shadow monster (or whatever else has crawled out of the Upside Down). At the last second, the punk van appears and Kali joins forces with her sister to defeat the bad guy/shadow. TEAM WORK!

So, are you with me? Can we contact the Duffer brothers and get the ball rolling?

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