A Short Breakdown Of The Time That Dolly Parton Rapped For Queen Latifah Wearing An Afro Wig

“Please welcome one of the baddest rappers in the game, straight out of the ville… Nashville that is.”

1. Dolly tweeted this amazing piece of information

Who DOESN’T want to see Dolly Twerk it - naturally I watched this immediately.

2. A Dramatic Entrance is KEY for Any Rap Performance


7. Queen Latifah was pretty happy to be Dolly’s home girl

8. Although, Dolly was pretty quick to spell out who was in charge

“Oh she da queen in her own good, but I’m the queen of Dollywood.”

9. There were some pretty badass drug references

“Yo! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

10. “Now I don’t hip and I don’t hop, I black both eyes with this big top.”

11. “I know the queen has got ‘em too, but she don’t work ‘em like I do.”


12. “I’m Workin’! I’m Tweeking! I’m Twerkin’!”

“Look at ‘em go”

13. There was even a shout out to Miley

“Hey Miley, I’ve got your wrecking balls right here.”

14. Sing it Sister!

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