13 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Wedding Photos

Because a picture tells one thousand words

1. 1. Hold a miniature version of your loved one in your hands

6. 2. Or place them somewhere else on your body

8. 3. Strike a pose

12. 4. Make sure you ask your parents and in-laws to join in the fun

15. 5. Choose some cool effects during the editing process

19. 6. Utilise your bridal party

23. 7. Choose a stellar theme

27. 8. Use a prop

32. 9. Unify your bridal party with one strong look

This look is obviously ‘grow your hair out’.

37. 10. Look to your parent’s photos for inspiration

40. 11. Add a little spice

46. 12. Work with some natural elements such as water or fire

50. 13. And if all becomes a little too much, opt for an action shot

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