These 5 "Evolution Of" A Cappella Mashups Will Give You A Serious ~Toner~

    Who doesn't love making music with just your mouth? Seriously, can we talk about how cool these "Evolution of" videos are? Here are 5 of the best "Evolution of" a cappella mashups!


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    BLACKOUT Acappella / Via

    13 of the best songs by the most controversial hearthrob.... This insanely talented NYC a cappella group puts a new spin on old Bieber classics. #MakeAmericaBeliebeAgain Like them on Facebook!

    2. Evolution of Girl Groups | One Woman A Cappella

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    Heather Traska / Via

    This one woman show packs a punch! Divas from every age will appreciate this girl power aca-evolution medley. YASSS KWEEN.

    3. Bond Song Evolution | MAYBEBOP

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    MAYBEBOP / Via

    The names Bond…. James Bond. The group Maybebop immortalized the iconic theme songs of the most famous secret agent. I hope you like your music shaken not stirred (sorry).

    4. Sia Medley | Backtrack

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    Backtrack / Via

    The NYC based a cappella group could give Sia AND Pentatonix a run for their money. I wonder if they have a 6th spot for me…… Like them on Facebook!

    5. Evolution of Music | Pentatonix

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    Pentatonix / Via

    Finally to top it all off, the video that started this "Evolution of" craze! Pentatonix's awesome cover of the evolution of music through the decades. Like them on Facebook!