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Who You Gonna Call?

On Call Procedure and Expectations

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1. Procedure

On Call Shifts

- Weekday (Su-Th) shift: 5PM-8AM

- Weekend (F-Sa) shift: 5PM-5PM

The On Call Phone

- Pick up the On Call phone from the designated location in your community at 5PM


- Perform rounds with your on call partner

- The time, and the number of rounds varies by area - ask your CD!

When You're On Call

- Respond to incidents

- Check ID and fill out key card for lockouts

- Report to the CD On Call as necessary

- Complete the On Call Log after the shift ends

2. Expectations

On Call Phone

- Answer the phone!

- Pick up the phone and fill out the log on time

On Call Partner

- Make contact with your on call partner

- stay in your community and the surrounding grounds while on call

Incidents and Rounds

- Respond to incidents in a timely manner

- Document incidents appropriately

- Call the CD On Call if needed

**Reminder: You are always the RA or FA to your residents, and need to be prepared for anything at anytime. Always have your Housing hat on!!**

3. The 5 Ps

When to call up:



-Physical Facilities



**When in doubt, just call up!**

4. Emergencies

These events all require calling the CD On Call so that emergency maintenance can be dispatched.**

- Electrical: full unit power outage, sparking/smoking outlet, no lighting in stairwell or bathroom

- Plumbing: no water or hot water, major leaks and flooding, clogged toilet in a single bathroom, continuously running water, A/C unit flooding or freezing

- Fire Safety: involving structures or furniture, beeping smoke detector, alarms that cannot be reset

- Locks and Doors: inability to open, close, or lock a door, building losing access points

- Windows/Glass Doors: shattered or missing glass door/window, jagged glass

5. Non-Emergencies

For these situations, you should help the resident file a work orders.

The work order link can be found here

-Electrical: light out in a suite style bedroom, single light out in hallway or stairwell

- Plumbing: dripping faucet or shower head, slow drain, slow filling/flushing toilet

-Locks and Doors: doors hard to close or sticks, but still works

- Windows/Glass Doors: cracked glass

6. Incident Response

Things to keep in Mind:

- Always do rounds with your on call partner!

- Use your on-call partner - never enter a room alone!

- Our residents are still adults so make sure to treat them with respect

- Remain calm and level-headed

7. The 5 W's

When calling the CD on Call make sure to have all the information!

-Who: Resident's names, CWIDs, room numbers, UAPD officer names (if applicable)

-What: What happened, what was the outcome, did you respond to the emergency, was a SNAM issued?

-Where: What building, what room?

-When did it happen?


8. On Call Reporting

-Make sure to document violations of the Community Living Standards in detail in Maxient

-Fill out all sections of the On Call Log by the appropriate time with an abbreviated account of any incidents

Remember to include CWIDs and first and last names

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