8 things we did during 8 hours at Malcolm Turnbull’s office

Eight hours is a lot of prayers. Here's what else a bunch of Christians including couple of Reverends and a priest got up to while at Malcolm Turnbull's office calling for all children to be released from immigration detention, and for the detention centre on Nauru to be shut down.

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1. Appropriated hymns

Will you speak up, @TurnbullMalcolm? It's time to free kids from immigration detention and shut Nauru. #LoveMakesAWay

“Oh deep in my heart, I do believe, MALCOLM will speak up some day” 🎵 See what we did there? Oh yeah.

2. Ate brownies

Jeff Tan

Homemade by Reverend Mary (they were excellent). We offered to share our brownies with Malcolm’s staff but they politely declined our delicious treats (they don’t know what they were missing).

3. Periscoped our prayers

LIVE on #Periscope: #LoveMakesAWay in Malcolm Turnbull's Sydney office.

LIVE PRAYERS FROM MALCOLM’S OFFICE. It’s 2015 and we’re living the dream (or at least praying for it).

4. Crochet

Six hours on & #LoveMakesAWay protesters have pulled out the knitting needles in @TurnbullMalcolm's office (@SBSNews)

Because if I cant crochet I don't want to be part of your revolution.

5. Nonviolent protest teach-in

No sign of police at Turnbull's just yet, so the crew is staging a teach-in on #nonviolence. #LoveMakesAWay

MLK was onto something: nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. Seriously, that whole 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that...' thing? 🙌👏

6. Pointed out that Malcolm already kind of agrees with us

Love Makes A Way

Kids shouldn’t be in detention, especially when we know abuse is happening (which we do, the Senate committee spent an entire day hearing about how bad the abuse is on Nauru). It is properly outrageous... and while Malcolm's on the right track, words alone aren't going to get kids out of detention. Sadly Malcolm was not a man of action today. So, I guess we'll be back.

7. Trended on Twitter

#NauruInquiry & #LoveMakesAWay #trending gives hope Australia still cares about humanity. No comment on other trends.

Yay that’s loads of people talking about how much it sucks that kids are locked up and discussing what the alternative looks like.. maybe it looks something like THIS or THIS 😍 (YOU GUYS, LOOK AT THEM.)

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