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Which Young Conservative Are You?

Your 3 favorite conservatives are back at it- are you Kate, Sam, or Abby?

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  1. Where is your favorite spot in DC?

    Jefferson Memorial
    Smithsonian National Zoo
    Washington Monument
  2. Who is your favorite Conservative figure?

    Paul Ryan
    Nikki Haley
    Sean Spicer
  3. What is your dream job?

    White House Communications Director
    Fighter Pilot
    Head Producer of ABC World News Tonight
  4. What is your favorite dessert?

    Chocolate chip cookies
    Chocolate Cake
  5. What do you most want to do on a Saturday?

    Go out on the shooting range!
    Watch netflix in bed
    Explore museums
  6. What is the best appetizer?

    Mozzarella Sticks
    Chicken Wings
  7. What is your favorite historical period?

    The Gilded Age
    The 1950's
    American Revolution
  8. What is your dream destination?

    Anywhere in America
    Somewhere tropical
  9. Who is your favorite West Wing Character?

    C. J. Cregg
    Josh Bartlet
    Sam Seaborn

Which Young Conservative Are You?

You got: Abby Marone

One of the few supporters of Donald Trump at GWU, you believe in party loyalty and honestly believe that the Republican party can now Make America Great Again. You can be found all over in DC working for the party, whether it be interning for Rubio's campaign (RIP), working at the RNC, or now interning for Republican Senators!

Abby Marone
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You got: Sam Turer

Congratulations, you've been a politician in training since the time you were born! There is nothing more that you love than America, the best country on Earth, and you plan to serve it somehow. At Cornell, you have made yourself into a King of running campaigns and you have aspirations to be a New York Representative (with Jack Rose as your campaign manager) and the next Sam Seaborn.

Sam Turer
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You got: Kate Rose

You describe yourself as a proud moderate conservative, though you may be more right-leaning than you'd like to admit. You're very passionate about the fact that Conservative voices need to be heard more in the news media and are an advocate that the Republican party needs more Conservative female figures. You want to help be the change in these two fields someday!

Kate Rose
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