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11 Reasons Why The Royals Should Be Your Guilty Pleasure

The creator behind One Tree Hill is the mastermind behind E!’s The Royals, and you have a week to get caught up before the season finale. Get Binge Watching… it's worth it.

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1. Elizabeth Hurley is devilishly wicked.

The Royals, E! / Via

Elizabeth Hurley plays Queen Helena, the queen of the fictional British Royal Family. She is a conniving schemer who is plotting more often than she is showing off her cleavage (which is basically all the time). It's impossible to figure out exactly what she wants or what she's up to, but it's damn fun to try and guess. Her toxic relationship with her daughter, Eleanor (played by the amazing Alexandra Park) is fueled by jealousy and amazingly cruel one liners delivered with gusto.

2. We get some insight into what kind of ruler Peter Pevensie would have been.

The Royals, E! / Via

Turns out the King of Narnia is kind of a slut…and it really works for him. He's also really adorable and very smooth with the ladies (and looks pretty good without clothes). Prince Liam (William Moseley) is a hopeless romantic much to the disgust of his mother, but he's a genuinely good person…How long can that possibly last with this family?

3. The comedic relief is on point.

The Royals, E! / Via

A lot of this show is insanely dramatic, but the comedic moments are incredible. Really any scene with the cousins (who look shockingly similar to the Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie) is laugh out loud funny. It's absurdism at it's best, and really, haven't we all been terrified of turning into Justin Bieber at some point?

4. The pure unadulterated awesomeness that is King Simon.

The Royals, E! / Via

The King is the greatest, nicest person ever. His heart to hearts with his totally screwed up kids give you hope, and his relationships with his staff are incomparable. This guy has more heart than he can handle.

Simply put, he is the best.

5. The pure unadulterated sleaze ball that is Prince Cyrus.

The Royals, E! / Via

The King's brother, Cyrus, is basically Scar to Mufasa…if Scar was 1,000 times more disgusting. Cyrus is a total megalomaniac, sadistic, addicted pervert. I would say that you love to hate him, but he is so terrible that I can't say love in any reference to Cyrus.

Simply put, he is a demon.

6. The many layers of Princess Eleanor.

The Royals, E! / Via

Eleanor is the breakout star of the show. She is totally fucked up, but has an amazing wit and more strength and sensitivity than she realizes. It would have been all too easy to make her a one dimensional character, but the writers were quick enough to recognize the immense ability of Alexandra Park, and have made Lenny totally relatable. She's a bad-ass with a heart of gold. Her relationships with her brother, her dad, and Ophelia all hint at her soft side while her tumultuous relationship with her mother causes her to act out. She's funny, complicated, and a fantastic character.

In her words, "I'm just a bitch with money and power, but I do make it look good".

7. The music & the fashion.

The Royals, E! / Via

This is the same creator as the man behind One Tree Hill, so obviously the music is going to be fantastic. I think half my iTunes is stuff I was introduced to by Peyton Sawyer. Music isn't as big of a part of this show as it was in OTH, but in the first few episodes, the soundtrack has been on point. The biggest standout for me was Smokestakes by Layla (

This show also fills the fashion void in my life left by Gossip Girl. Everyone's style is unique and absolutely perfect. I have major closet envy. Any show that features exotic getaways, masquerade balls, and fashion shows is bound to have an amazing costume department, and The Royals does not disappoint.

8. Season Two is a go.

The Royals, E! / Via

The second season was confirmed before the show even premiered. Now you know the show is safe before you get totally invested and addicted to The Royals. Having a second season already ordered means I get more of the drama that I'm now totally obsessed with.

Also, James Lafferty a.k.a. Nathan Scott will be directing an episode in season two. Fun fact for all you OTH fans.

9. Bagsy.

The Royals, E! / Via

The Royals is entertaining and educational. It has increased my British slang knowledge from the basics I learned in Harry Potter to a whole new linguistic level. I can basically be a better version of Gretchen Wieners and make British slang happen. Bagsy is my favorite- It's essentially the UK version of 'shotgun', but so much more fun to say.

And I love when the Queen and Princess bagsy people and things… so great.

10. The Drama!

The Royals, E! / Via

Political intrigue, drugs, sex, murder, attempted murder, shooting people with bows & arrows, totally twisted families, and more scandalous mysteries than I can handle.

I called this show a 'guilty pleasure', but it's so much better than that. I can always count on being totally entertained, and I don't feel guilty about it whatsoever. So I guess this is just a 'pleasure' show, no guilty necessary…


The Royals, E! / Via

I realize that Jasper and Eleanor have a twisted relationship and that the way it started was not okay, but GOOD GOD their chemistry is palpable. Watching the two of them circle around each other trying to get the upper hand is my favorite part of this show. Tom Austen & Alexandra Park play their roles to perfection. Seriously, they are so hot together, its like watching two predators waiting to pounce- totally dynamic. He's mysterious, dangerous, and very compelling.

Also, he's is super hot- like really, really hot. He's that guy you know has the potential to destroy you, but you're kinda okay with it cause he is so magnetic and charismatic...

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