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    95 Thoughts Every Girl Has On A Trip To Lakeside

    Oh no, spent half my budget for today on bath bombs.

    1. IT'S PAYDAY.




    5. OMG, I must make a playlist for the car.


    7. How long until we get there?


    9. Right, now which entrance is the one for the Primark car park?

    10. Uhhh, I think it's this one...

    11. We'll just do a quick lap incase anyone at the front has moved by then.

    12. Jesus, she's got a lot of Primark bags.

    13. Why come to Lakeside and ONLY shop at Primark?

    14. Wait, is she leaving?

    15. Oh, no, she's going back in now.

    16. Just doing a quick bag drop off at the car.

    17. Smart move, lady.

    18. I probably won't need to do that today.

    19. Yeah, I'll just be getting a few bits from Primark, if I even bother.

    20. Ok, so I just need to navigate through Primark as quickly as possible to get into the shopping centre.


    22. Wow, I feel like I can breathe again.

    23. It's like a different world out here.

    24. Ok. So, first stop...

    25. You really can smell Lush from, like, a considerable distance away.

    26. Mmm, they all smell so good.

    27. But do I really want to spend, like, half my budget for today on bath bombs?

    28. Actually, I probably do.

    29. I'll come back on the way out.

    30. God, I'm hungry already.


    32. Wait, isn't it now the Boardwalk or something?

    33. How do I get there again?

    34. Ah, this looks familiar.

    35. Ooh, Pizza Express! I could go for some garlic dough balls.

    36. Wait, don't they have a Wagamama here somewhere?

    37. I could go for...

    38. WAIT. Stop everything.

    39. I forgot they have Nando's here.

    40. I could definitely go for a cheeky Nando's.

    41. Decision. Made.

    *two hours later*

    42. I pretty much had to roll myself out of there.

    43. I'm way too bloated to try anything on now.

    44. I think I just need to walk it off a little bit.

    45. Ugh, I hate all the sales people here.

    46. NO! I do not want a hand massage.

    47. What even is all of the shit in the middle?

    48. Who wants to buy overpriced pillows and hand creams?

    49. she getting waxed?

    50. Like, just in the middle of the shopping centre?

    51. Ew.

    52. I bet that giant Boots has, like, everything I could ever possibly want from Boots.

    53. The selection of make-up in here is insane.

    54. I'm overwhelmed.

    55. I'll just buy this random set by a brand that I've never heard of.

    56. If it's only in the big Boots then it's got to be ~exclusive~, right?

    57. Select!

    58. I can't believe that shop is still open.

    59. Their clothes are THE SHIT.

    60. Erm... clearly 14 year old me had a way different taste in clothes.

    61. Does anyone buy CDs from HMV anymore?

    62. Or do they just go in there for overpriced t-shirts?

    63. Didn't they close down anyway?

    64. Holy crap, I forgot they have a Forever 21 here.

    *one hour later*

    65. These pyjama bottoms are on point.

    66. I have no regrets.

    67. Jesus, what time is it?

    68. Ok, two hours before they close.

    69. No big deal.

    70. Where else did I want to go whilst I was here?


    72. Well, it'd be rude not to get a box as I'm here.

    73. Woah. I almost forgot about Paperchase.

    74. Oh these notebooks are so on point.

    75. I want all of them.

    76. And maybe some of these cute pencils.

    77. Ok, which ones look the most #Instagram?

    78. SOLD.

    79. Crap, where did my friends go?

    80. Why didn't we all just stick together?

    *checks phone*

    81. They're waiting by the car.

    82. Thank god.

    83. I am SO done.

    84. How the hell do I get out of here?

    85. Ah, yeah! Back through Primark.

    86. Oh good god, why did we park there?!

    87. How am I going to navigate a box of doughnuts safely through that war zone?

    88. I MADE IT.

    89. Oh my goodness, I feel shattered.

    90. Maybe a doughnut will help perk me up.

    91. I just need some sugar after all of that walking.

    92. I probably burned like 3000 calories today.

    93. That's more than made up for my Nando's.

    94. And probably a second doughnut too.

    95. What an absolutely perfect day.

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