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16 Things Everyone Must Eat In Essex

Because it's a lot more than just burger vans. Although admittedly they are probably up there.

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1. This roasted lamb dish at Haywards in Epping

Facebook / Via Facebook: Haywards

Haywards doesn't have the largest of menus, which means that you know all of the food they do offer is cooked to absolute perfection. Their portion sizes are the perfect amount to ensure you have enough room for your starter, main and dessert, which you'll definitely want to save room for!

2. Anything from The Magic Mushroom in Billericay

Facebook: themagicmushroomrestaurant / Via Facebook

There isn't a single thing on the menu at The Magic Mushroom that doesn't leave you drooling at the mere idea of it. Peanut butter & chocolate panna-cotta? 28 day aged fillet of beef? Crispy pork belly? Uhhh, get in MY belly!

4. Breakfast at The Barn Brasserie in Great Tey

Facebook / Via Facebook: thebarn.greattey

Their entire breakfast menu is to die for (including the vegetarian version of this dish – Eggs Florentine), but we all know anything with hollandaise sauce goes straight to the top of the list!


5. The buffet at Cosmo in Romford

Facebook / Via Facebook: CosmoRestaurants

If you're into seafood, curries, noodles, sushi, dim sum... you see where I'm going with this, right? For all of your wildest dreams pan-Asian style, head to Cosmo in Romford for a delicious buffet with more options than you'll be able to stuff yourself with one sitting!

6. Cheesecake at The Blue Strawberry Bistrot in Hatfield Peverel

There's a reason why Blue Strawberry are an award-winning restaurant. In fact, there is a reason why it's in the top five for most Essex folk. Their cheesecake in particular is absolutely out of this world and definitely worth saving room for after your main course!

7. Pizza breakfast at Milton Cafe & Fat Joe's Bistro in Southend

Trip Advisor / Via

If you're looking for some seriously good grub in a no-frills type of restaurant, Milton Cafe is the place to go. Not only can you go in your trainers and tracksuit bottoms (essential hangover wear), but you can get a breakfast ON A PIZZA. What more could you want on the seafront?

8. Afternoon tea at Le Bouchon in Heybridge

Facebook / Via Facebook: lebouchonbrasserie

For those typically British afternoons where you just want to eat all the sugar as well as all the cucumber sandwiches your heart desires, head to Le Bouchon in Heybridge for an unforgettable (unless you drink too much of the sparkly stuff, of course) afternoon!


10. All the things at Le Talbooth in Dedham

Le Talbooth / Via

Le Talbooth is so good that even ex staff members recommend it when asked about the best eats in Essex, which really is saying something! The prices in Le Talbooth can seem a little steep, but if there's one place you are getting your value for money in this county, it's got to be here!

12. Fish 'n' Chips from Hiltons Fish Bar in Basildon

Trip Advisor / Via

...or pie and chips, sausage and chips, or, well, whatever your favourite dish from the chippy may be. If you find yourself in Basildon and fancy some hot chips and decently battered fish, then you know where to go!


15. Thai food at Thai Up At The Quay in Harwich

Facebook / Via Facebook: Thai-up-at-the-Quay

The reason why this place is so fantastic is because the owners actually trained to cook thai food in Asia, which means as a customer that you're as good as in Thailand. It's definitely cheaper than a flight!

16. Pub grub at The Dolphin in Braintree

The Dolphin / Via

The reason why locals love The Dolphin is because it is delicious pub grub at a great value for your money. Whether you pop in for a Ploughman's or opt for a steak with homemade sauce, you won't be disappointed!