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28 Things '00s Teenagers From Essex Will Remember

Were your best trackie bottoms Adidas or Reebok?

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10. When your Mum said she was taking you to Lakeside and you began to mentally list all the things you'd convince her to buy you.

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"My P.E. teacher said I'd do better for some new football boots." "Did you know Jo's mum let her get her nose pieced in Claire's last month?!"


19. Buying 3 months worth of sunbed sessions to prepare you for prom because NOBODY wants a repeat of the fake tan disaster of year 9.


23. Using your B.I.T.E. card for ID when buying your first packet of cigarettes at 16-years old.

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And dying a little bit inside when they changed the law from 16 to 18. What the hell are you supposed to use your B.I.T.E. card for now?!


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