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21 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Someone From Essex

Takeaways, pet names, and genes like David Gandy.

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2. And everyone in Essex most likely has a mate who'll magically just "sort" things out for you.

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"Davey said he can sort you a laptop for a one-er, but it comes without a warranty and you'll have to get your own charger for it."


3. People from Essex are nothing if not honest.

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With a partner from Essex, you'll always know where you stand. And they'll be the first to tell you when you've got something stuck in your teeth too.

8. Your O.H. is likely to have rubbed shoulders with some of the UK's finest.


Their mum might even be neighbours with Dermot. I mean, imagine the barbecues you could have.

16. And it means having your own special language for when you go abroad.

This is spot on 👌😂 @Essexgirls2

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