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    21 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Someone From Essex

    Takeaways, pet names, and genes like David Gandy.

    1. First things first: Your Essex partner's takeaway game will always be on point.

    BBC 1 / Via

    We don't do eating lightly in Essex.

    2. And everyone in Essex most likely has a mate who'll magically just "sort" things out for you.

    Handmade Films

    "Davey said he can sort you a laptop for a one-er, but it comes without a warranty and you'll have to get your own charger for it."


    3. People from Essex are nothing if not honest.

    E4 / Via

    With a partner from Essex, you'll always know where you stand. And they'll be the first to tell you when you've got something stuck in your teeth too.

    4. Essex folk know a thing or two about keeping ourselves looking sharp.

    ITV Be / Via

    5. But on the whole, we're nothing like the TOWIE lot.

    ITV Be / Via

    Nobody in Essex really acts like that. NOBODY.

    6. Your Essex S.O. will give you the most affectionate of pet names.

    BBC1 / Via

    Of course, you're a slag in the most loving way possible. You're their slag.

    7. And they'll be the first one there with a big cuddle for the times when everything gets a bit too much.

    ITV Be

    8. Your O.H. is likely to have rubbed shoulders with some of the UK's finest.


    Their mum might even be neighbours with Dermot. I mean, imagine the barbecues you could have.

    9. And there are some gloriously sexy genes floating around the county.


    Oh hello, David Gandy.

    10. And, without meaning to brag, Essex lads are known for their gigantic cocks.


    11. People from Essex are always the first ones to let their hair down on a Friday night.

    BBC 3 / Via

    Meaning your friends will immediately LOVE them.

    12. They'll have impeccable taste when it comes to Britpop...

    Julian Opie / Via

    13. ...and they'll know all the words to Parklife.

    Food Records

    Plus they won't sound ridiculous trying to do the accent. They'll nail it.

    14. Dating someone from Essex means having the convenience of being able to fly from London Stansted or London Southend.


    Which we all know aren't really in London.

    15. It means being introduced to some of the best fish 'n' chips around.

    16. And it means having your own special language for when you go abroad.

    This is spot on πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚ @Essexgirls2

    17. Your Essex mother-in-law will introduce you to a superior level of drinking.

    18. You'll get to spend your whole life being called by your surname, which you'll secretly love.

    BBC 3

    "Alright Jordy? Had a good day at work, have we?"

    19. You'll get to experience what life is really like in Essex.

    Via Flickr: 120420083@N05

    After a weekend with your beau's family you won't want to leave.

    20. And your S.O. will never be afraid of making a tit out of themselves in the name of banter.

    21. Because Essex is God's country, and one day you guys might even move there.

    Via Flickr: markseton / Creative Commons

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