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23 Honest Confessions Your Hairdresser Will Never Reveal

We hate washing your hair.

1. Sweeping up your hair is about as pleasant as you imagine it is.

2. But it's not half as bad as washing your hair.


As assistants, we actively went out of our way to avoid washing hair, even though it was our main job.

3. There's a ~right way~ to wash your hair.


There's a reason why your hair feels so. damn. good. after a trip to the salon. It's all about how we move our hands.

4. How little money we earn for the hours we put in can feel soul destroying.


5. But job freebies can help soften the blow a tad.

6. We LOVE it when you tell us you want something "a little bit different".

7. But when someone with long hair comes in for "the chop", we don't know whether to get excited or scared.

8. Working a quiet late shift often means a member of staff will leave with an entirely new 'do.


"Can you just stay behind to pop some pink highlights in my hair after work?"

9. And whenever a new hairstyle comes out, we're the first ones to jump on board.

10. Whilst we love a good natter on the job, some clients go a little overboard with their sharing.


*turns on hair dryer*

11. But chatty clients are way more entertaining than the ones who go silent as soon as they sit down.


"Go anywhere nice this year?"


12. And, of course, we all have a favourite client.

13. We rarely, if ever, get to finish a cup of tea.

14. Working for a salon that asks you to "push products" in exchange for commission feels all kinds of wrong, but it happens.

15. So if you want our honest opinions about products, ask us whilst you're still in the chair and not at the till.

16. We have a love-hate relationship with perms.

17. Nothing prepares us for a head lice scare. Nothing.



18. We get very protective over our scissors.

19. And we don't appreciate it when our friends try to get free haircuts outside of our work hours.


Although we will offer you a discounted rate if you come to our salon. Probably. But don't tell anyone.

20. There's nothing more awkward than when you ask us a question whilst the hair dryer is on.

21. Handling bleach means that this has happened to every one of us.

22. And we've all forgotten to wear gloves and accidentally dyed our hands at least once.

23. But most of all, we know we have one of the best jobs in the world.

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