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24 Things Everyone Misses When They Move From Devon

Nowhere in the whole of the UK is as magical as Devon.

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2. Going to Dartmoor at night and being able to see actual stars in the sky.

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4. The wonderful food.

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Did you know Devon is full of celebrity chefs? We've got Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gary Rhodes, Michael Caines etc.


6. And knowing how to do cream tea properly. The cream is like the butter, and jam goes on top! COME ON, PEOPLE.

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7. Surfing! Or, if you're not good at surfing, watching surfers instead.

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10. And pubs that let dogs in, too.

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11. There always being something cider-related going on.

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And it never feels like heavy drinking because cider's just fruit, so it's probably good for you.

12. And good farmers' markets.

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Even if it means we can't afford to eat anything but gourmet chorizo for the next month.


13. Not getting bored when driving from A-to-B.

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It's more like driving through an Enid Blyton book.

14. Pretending you're in a murder-mystery novel, like Hound of the Baskervilles when it's foggy, or And Then There Were None when you're on an island.

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17. Adorable cafes filled with cake and scones, and tea in actual teapots.

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18. Proper fish 'n' chips, like actually fresh out of the sea, covered in grease, and deep-fried for your dining pleasure.

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22. Exploring streets like this, which you can appreciate for both the history and how good it looks on Instagram.

Instagram: @lambert_landscapes / Via

24. And last but not least, having your own flag and being SO PROUD.

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Plus it's better than Cornwall's.