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22 Pictures That Show How Different The East And West Midlands Are

Don't just lump the whole of the Midlands together; we're as different as Stilton and Balti.

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2. The East Midlands has Leicester, the underdog of football teams, the Daenerys Targaryen of the Premier League:

Michael Regan / Getty Images

Like Daenerys, they went from the bottom to the top, and they didn't even need dragons to do it.

The West Midlands has Aston Villa, which is more like the Samwell Tarly of football:

Nigel Roddis / Getty Images / / BuzzFeed

Like Sam, everyone makes fun of them, even though they're trying really hard. They're just not always good at what they're being asked to do.


4. The East Midlands has Stilton, which flaunts food hygiene rules for the sake of "taste":

Creamy, mouldy deliciousness.


5. The East Midlands has The Space Centre, a giant condom filled with rockets and learning:

The most phallic object in Leicester outside of Ann Summers.


8. Repping the East Midlands is The Sock Man, naked except for a fig leaf and single sock:

Also repping body confidence and excellent sartorial choices in footwear.


11. The East Midlands cuts straight to the heart of the matter with its street art:


All hail the Virgin Margherita.