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    11 Wholesome AF Things I Learned Visiting This Fox Sanctuary

    Brb, living my best autumnal life.

    FACT: Foxes are friggin cute.


    Ever since watching Disney's Robin Hood as a kid, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of making a fox friend. I mean, let's be honest: They’re the perfect animal — an ideal combination of puppy charm and cat sass. Who wouldn't want to be friends with something so pure?

    I was doing some late-night scrolling when I nearly dropped my phone on my face BECAUSE a fox sanctuary I follow was offering private encounters.

    Disney / Via

    I immediately booked the next available encounter as the 8-year-old inside me screamed.


    Omfg, was this my future?

    1. The JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center is located in a remote location in some mountains near San Diego, so I was in for a scenic ride.

    Google / Via

    I packed a lot of snacks and a camera and set off on the three-hour journey.

    2. Getting there was like driving through the first season of True Detective.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    OK, maybe that's not wholesome, but it's a really beautiful drive up with no civilization around for miles. Yes, I had to pee behind an abandoned gas station and got lost 200 times, but honestly it was still nice to get away from the chaos of city living.

    3. When I finally got there, I heard howls the second I got out of the car. Wait, do foxes howl?

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    (They totally don't.)

    4. SURPRISE! Turns out foxes aren't the only whiskered BBs that live here, and the howling came from the New Guinea Singing Dogs. Nice.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    They're a super-rare relative of the dingo and very good boys.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    10/10 would pet again.

    5. The actual fox encounter happens outside in a closed-off space. I sat there trying not to cry as each fox was presented to me like a little gift.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    Behold, my first-born.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    I mean...

    Hannah Pfeiffer


    6. They're legit as mischievous as their reputation suggests.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    Proof: My new fox friend, Boris, peed in his mom's coffee cup when she left it unattended one day. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize it until she took a big ol’ swig. Glad I didn't bring any beverages.

    7. Is it just me, or do foxes smell like Jell-O?

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    Not the flavored kind, but if you've ever cooked with gelatin then ya know what I'm talkin' about. Every time I took a sniff, it was like putting my face in a savory Jell-O salad.

    8. They're snack motivated just like me!

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    I get you, gurl.

    9. Yes, you can pet them like dogs.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    10. You can definitely boop their snoots.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    *boop* teehee

    11. AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can hold them like babies. ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    RIP I just died from too many feelings.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    Sorry, not giving her back.

    Hannah Pfeiffer

    I guess I'll have to move in.

    ・*✧:・゚* After I finally had to say goodbye, I had no idea how I got home because I literally blacked out from joy. Spending time making friends with animals you'd otherwise only meet in the wilderness is an incredible grounding experience. It reminded me how connecting to the wild can make you connect to deeper parts of yourself. ・゚*✧*:・゚*

    Kate Gnetetsky

    Stay wholesome, friends!

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