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    9 Ways Mizzou Stands With Michael Sam

    All-American Mizzou football player Michael Sam came out on Sunday, which means he could be the first openly gay NFL draft. Here’s a look at the reasons Mizzou is a great place for any Tiger to come out.

    1. Sam told his teammates he was gay in August, and they respected his decision to keep it a secret.

    2. When the Westboro Baptist Church announced a protest at Mizzou, students organized a counter-protest with 2,614 attendees on Facebook and counting.

    3. This year, Mizzou had its first gender-queer Homecoming King candidate.

    4. Mizzou is proud to be inclusive for trans* students.

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    Mizzou’s news bureau made this video to promote inclusivity. MU offers trans* students medical insurance for medical care, hormone treatment, lab tests and surgical care. (Students are still pushing the university to provide gender-neutral housing and include preferred names in the campus directory.)

    5. Mizzou provides benefits for same-sex partners of university employees.

    6. The current student government president identifies as gay and the current Panhellenic Association (PHA) president identifies as queer.

    7. Mizzou has the largest Alternative Breaks program in the nation, and for the first time this year one of the service trips will focus on LGBTQ issues.

    8. Mizzou has a university-funded LGBTQ resource center.

    9. In 2003, sexual orientation was added to MU's anti-discrimination policy.