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5 Completely Amazing Final Fantasy Hairstyles

We all know the Japanese love their intense hair, but these styles are off the charts!

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1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)


Sephiroth is evil as can be, but have you seen that guy's hair? He could be a Garnier model with locks that glamorous! How he doesn't get it tangled up in his over-compensating sword is a mystery to me.

2. Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)


I know what you're thinking: Yuna? Her hair seems pretty normal at first glance. That is, until you realize that somehow she has forced most of it into a floor-length rat-tail. This hairstyle brings up important questions. Did she grow her hair to the ground before she tied it up? Why does she have one shorter layer of hair above the tail? Why doesn't she use this head-rope to deal some serious damage to her enemies? We may never know.

3. Selphie (Final Fantasy VIII)


The truly amazing thing about this hair is its impressive gravity-defying properties. Selphie must use some pretty impressive hairspray and gel to keep those sides flipped so perfectly. You could cut someone on those points.

4. Waka (Final Fantasy X)


While many characters in this game have hair to be jealous of, Waka's hair has both height and style. Even Selphie cannot compare to the gravity defying properties of Waka's pompadour. The bright orange color helps him out as well. (You're not hiding your jealously very well Tidus).

5. Seymour (Final Fantasy X)


Who are we kidding, no one can top the craziness that is Seymour's hair. He's got height, length, and color in one alarming package. It is hard to know where to look; when our eyes are drawn to the forehead protrusion we are quickly distracted by the hair horns on either side. Congratulations Seymour you officially have the most amazing (and slightly disturbing) hair in Final Fantasy history.

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