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Shocking Footage Of Animal Abuse On The Set Of 'A Dog's Purpose' Cancels Film's Premiere

If you were looking forward to seeing the new film all about the special bond between human's and their fuzzy friends, you might think twice after reading this post.

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Last week, a video surfaced showing animal abuse on the set of 'A Dog's Purpose.' A terrified German Shepherd was shown being forced to work against his will as its trainer pushed the animal into rushing water.

The video caused quite a stir with even Peeta speaking up against the torture. Since the news, Amblin Entertainment has been doing some major damage control. Also, as a result, the film's junket and premiere were both cancelled.

Producer Gavin Polone also shared his opinion on the controversy in an article published by The Hollywood Reporter. Polone quickly cleared up that he wasn't on set at the time. He then went on to detail his intense love for animals, even saying his will is set up to donate all he has to animal themed charities after his death. What a guy!

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