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24 Rites Of Passage You Experience Growing Up In Ireland

Breaking your confirmation pledge before you were 16.

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1. Stealing anything you could from your parent's cupboard to go drinking in a field. / Via

And inevitably mixing it with Baileys.

3. Getting shit tonnes of money for your Communion and spending it all on sweets.

''Hi yeah, four Taz's, 13 Roy of The Rovers, six Chewits, and the rest in jellies''


7. And staying up all night for the Late Late Toy Show even though your poor, frail body could barley hack it.

9. Going to Cúl Camps and wearing the clobber for the rest of your life.

You still wear the T-shirt to bed, right?


18. And learning how to Irish dance at a very early stage in life.

Probably in the local GAA hall.