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15 Things That Happen When You Watch Too Many Crime Shows

Everyone's a suspect.

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1. You trust NO ONE.

20th Century Fox / Via

That's how crimes happen.

2. You watch so many crimes shows you come to think of yourself as an actual detective.

Dualstar / Via

And can solve any crime by dinner time.

3. In fact, you're practically a cop.

Netflix / Via

4. And you get mad at police officers on TV who aren't as good as you at crime solving.

HBO / Via giphy

5. One night stands terrify you because you can't help but suspect they're trying to kill you.

Paramount / Via

6. And if your friend says they've gone home with a Tinder date, you are SHOCKED they're still alive to tell the tale.

Fox / Via

7. When you go hiking, you're almost positive you'll stumble upon a body.

Fox Searchlight / Via

Hikers ALWAYS find the body on Forensic Files.

8. You will NEVER get a life insurance policy, as it spells certain death.

Paramount / Via

9. Because of true crime shows, you're suspicious of all your exes.

Universal / Via

It's almost always the ex.

10. You know every kind of self-defense, just in case everyone is, in fact, a serial killer.

NBC / Via

Not today, Jeffrey Dahmer.

11. You have a lot of confidence in your skills.

12. You know to leave your DNA everywhere you go in case the cops need to follow your trail...

Columbia/MGM / Via

If DNA from my toothbrush matches evidence at your house, you are BUSTED.

13. ...although you already have multiple plans to escape an abductor, mostly based on what victims do wrong on Criminal Minds.

A24 Films / Via

Room has also given you some ideas.

14. You just KNOW you could plan the perfect crime and wonder why more criminals don't watch crime shows.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Don't wear the shoes you wore when you committed the crime to the interrogation, genius!

15. You're almost certain your crime show-inspired paranoia has saved you from a dark end.

CBS / Via

After all...

Paramount / Via

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