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    12 Reminders Why Your '90s Obsession With Leo DiCaprio Was Justified

    Never let go.

    There once was a time where our very own Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio graced the covers of pretty much any teen magazine that had pullout posters. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

    1. It all started innocently enough when your Mike Seaver crush got some little healthy competition in the form of Luke Brower.

    2. Flash forward: Oh hey, what’s this western movie my parents rented from the video store? OH SWEET LORD.

    3. The Basketball Diaries is based on a book, mom. Totally fine to rent.

    4. '90s Leo as Romeo made ninth grade English class better for literally everyone.

    5. Casual suit-wearing Leo brought you a sense of control in a world full of chaos.

    6. Then it happened. THEN. IT. HAPPENED.

    7. *gulp*

    8. ...

    9. ...

    10. With Titanic came instant superstardom and a slew of headlines that delivered the truth.

    11. JTT was unceremoniously replaced on your pre-teen bedroom walls with a shrine to this sultry fox:

    12. And '90s Leo made you an avid reader of fine literature.

    In conclusion, even though we love and support present-day thespian, environmentalist, and beard owner Leonardo DiCaprio…

    ...there will never be another love as true and beautiful as '90s Leonardo DiCaprio.