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    • katechristiansena

      Dear NYR,
      About 16 years ago my son asked me if he could play ice hockey. Having spent my childhood watching Rangers games with my DadIquickly obliged.Itook him to lessons and cheered the loudest when he made the team. Not only doIhaveafirm grasp of the game of ice hockey but also coached his team foraseason. The only Mom on the bench these kids quickly realized thatIhadalot of offer as far as knowing how to play an offensive game and our stats for the season were quite impressive, even for youth hockey. Iam saddened by the fact that you feel it okay to minimize our understanding of the game and not give us credit where it may be due.
      btw, my son’s father wasano show to most of his games and couldn’t tell the difference between an offside andadelay of game, and he’saboy.

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