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    Florida High School Suspends Girls For Wearing Leggings

    Booker T. Washington High School of Pensacola, Florida is, as of Thursday morning, enforcing a "no leggings" without any prior warning.

    Washington High School of Pensacola, Florida, announced to students via school intercom this morning that administrators are enforcing a "no leggings" rule and that teachers were to send any students wearing leggings to the front office. A photo posted to Facebook by a student shows at least a dozen girls wearing leggings waiting in the front office to be seen by a dean. According to the post, the girls were given no prior warning before coming to school and that if they couldn't have a change of clothes brought to the school or go home and change, that they would be suspended for 10 days.

    The student wrote:

    "Up until THIS MORNING we were allowed to wear leggings and without any prior warning every girl wearing leggings was sent to the office and they aren't giving warnings, they're SUSPENDING us for 10 days if we cant get a change of clothes or get checked out. Some of us CAN'T go home right now and how were we supposed to know anyway? They said we are a distraction for how we dress and we are taking away from people getting education."

    This is 2016, people. Stop punishing girls for having bodies.

    Credit for information and photo goes to A. Martinez.

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