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    The Most Interesting Photo Stories We Saw This Week

    Look where you cannot go: We check out hidden neighborhoods, interior lives, abandoned villages, and off-moments.

    1. "High Art" — New York Times

    2. "The Bizarre Appeal of Indonesia's Mud Villages" —

    3. "Relationship" — Dazed

    4. The Vietnam Slide Project

    5. "Environmental Migrants: The Last Illusion" — The Story Institute

    6. "Photos of My Dying Grandma's Last Days" — VICE

    7. "The Most Detailed Photo of Pluto You’ll See ‘for a Very Long Time'" — PetaPixel

    8. "Inside Paris's Forgotten Utopia" — National Geographic

    9. "Merge" — Lens Culture

    10. "These Photographs Provide A New Look At Military Life" — Esquire