9 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can't Miss

    Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

    1. "Time's 100 Most Influential Images of All Time" —Time

    2. "Photographer Captures the Heartbreaking Reality of Alzheimer’s" —Huffington Post

    3. "Before Black Friday, There Were Dollar Day Sales" —Los Angeles Times

    4. "Dramatic Photos Show Dakota Pipeline Protesters' Clash With Police in Freezing Weather"—BuzzFeed News

    5. "Trump Tower, the Center of the Political Universe" —New York Times

    6. "There’s a Stunningly Creepy Pier in Somerset That You Have to See" —BuzzFeed

    7. "19 Photos Show What Life Is Like in Newly Red Michigan" —BuzzFeed

    8. "Aerial Photos Show the Horrifying Scars Humans Leave on the Planet" – PetaPixel

    9. "Rarely Seen Photos by Jack London" —New York Times