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23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

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Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Muslim pilgrims climb the Jabal al-Nour to visit the Cave of Hira, where the Prophet Muhammad is believed to have received the first revelations of the Qur'an, during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Aug. 24.

Jaafar Ashtiyeh / AFP / Getty Images

Israeli security forces clash with Palestinian demonstrators following a weekly protest against the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near Nablus, in the occupied West Bank on Aug. 25.

Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Police in riot gear guard a statue of a Confederate soldier — nicknamed Silent Sam — on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during a demonstration for its removal on Aug. 22.

Pau Barrena / AFP / Getty Images

People display flowers, messages, and candles in tribute to the victims of Barcelona and Cambrils on Aug. 22 — a week after related attacks killed 15 people and injured more than 100 in Catalonia.

Marco Longari / AFP / Getty Images

Supporters of the outgoing president, José Eduardo dos Santos, and the presidential candidate of his People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, João Lourenço, gather at a rally in Luanda on Aug. 19 ahead of elections. Lourenço will replace dos Santos, who has been in office for 38 years, as Angola's president.

Getty Images

Flight attendants practice saving a drowning person during an emergency water-evacuation drill at a training base on Haikou, China, on Aug. 25. Twenty-eight flight attendants from countries including China, France, and Russia are admitted to Hainan Airlines after three months' training.

Chris J Ratcliffe / AFP / Getty Images

Mjukuu the gorilla and her baby, Alika, check out a measuring device during London Zoo's annual weigh-in on Aug. 24. Animals across the zoo have their vital statistics recorded, and the information is then shared with zookeepers across the world to help them compare important information on thousands of endangered species.

Miguel Medina / AFP / Getty Images

Houses are left covered by stones after a massive landslide struck the village of Bondo, Switzerland, on Aug. 23. As many as 14 people are feared missing — and about 100 people were evacuated — after the landslide swept away a mountainside in the Swiss Alps, near the Italian border.

Hindustan Times / Getty Images

Followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh attack a van in Chandigarh, India, on Aug. 25, after the self-styled guru was found guilty of raping two of his followers. At least 29 people have been killed in widespread violence in northern India.

David J. Phillip / AP

Luis Perez watches waves crash again a jetty in Galveston, Texas, as Hurricane Harvey intensified in the Gulf of Mexico on Aug. 25. Harvey is forecast to be a major hurricane by the time it makes landfall along the middle Texas coastline.

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