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    The Most Interesting Photo Essays Of The Week

    It's been a long week, but this roundup is short and sweet.

    1. "Protesters Speak Out After Baton Rouge Police Shooting" —NBC News

    2. "Nigeria's Booming Music Scene" —Reuters

    3. "18 Intimate Photos Show What Being a Dominatrix Is Really Like" —Refinery29

    4. "Colorful Photos Capturing Cuba’s Young Community" —Dazed

    5. "Powerful Photos From One of Texas' Most Historic Black Communities" —Mother Jones

    6. "Inside the BBC at Wimbledon" —The Guardian

    7. "Are These Images of People Resting in New York Dreamy or Voyeuristic?" —Slate

    8. "American Dreams" —New York Times

    9. "Abandoned Checkpoints: Photographer Documents Europe's Forgotten Borders" —CreativeBoom

    10. "12 Unique Pictures From the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest" —BuzzFeed