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10 Dream Plots For Kate Moss On “Absolutely Fabulous”

Kate Moss will show her acting chops in an episode of "Ab Fab" airing in the UK on Friday. While the preview clip looks good, it really feels like writer/star Jennifer Saunders could have been a little more creative. Here, 10 genius ideas for Kate cameos that coulda been.

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Kate Moss is aged, via the magic of makeup, to appear in her mid-60s like Patsy and Edina. She could be there long last friend from an orgy in the late ’60s!


Moss pops out of a bathroom stall, and lends Patsy a bump of coke.


Moss is a good friend of Saffron’s with appropriately buttoned-up, nerdy attire.


Even better, Moss could be Saffron’s lesbian lover!


Moss appears alongside Kristen Stewart, as members of a new band that has hired Edina’s PR firm to hype them. Hey, Moss and Stewart are supposedly working on a song together.


In a flashback scene, Moss could be the young Patsy. Hey, all it would take is the hair.


Gran has a surprise for Edina—she gave birth to another daughter, who she has kept a secret until now. Enter Moss.


Edina and Patsy crash a modeling shoot, reeking havoc on the set of one of Moss’ sets.


Moss co-stars alongside husband Jaime Hince, who Patsy decides she must have. Cue the volatile love triangle.


Moss appears as a bungling public health officer, investigating claims that so many cigarettes have been smoked in Edina’s flat that it needs to be considered a toxic site.

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