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Someone Puts A Trampoline On A Hill And What Happens Next Is Incredible

If this doesn't get you to hike idk what will

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San Luis Obispo is a beautiful little town on California's Central Coast

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Within this beautiful little town is Cal Poly, a college that is infested with nature loving, 4.0 GPA hiking fanatics who are way too in shape for their own good.

A few of these 4.0 GPA hiking fanatics decided one day to build a trampoline on one of the nearby hills on campus and students and SLO residents began flocking

And by 'flocking', I mean everyone and their mother and their dogs and their mother's dogs have been hiking to the trampoline since it's been put up there. Don't believe me? Check this out

Basically if you haven't already packed your car/bought your plane ticket to San Luis Obispo then you probably hate things that are awesome

And Lord of the Rings

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