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    When Roseanne, Dan, And Jackie Got High Might Be The Funniest Thing Ever On Television

    Let's celebrate Roseanne's 25th birthday by watching it.


    Roseanne Barr, who birthed Roseanne, drew from the topical Norman Lear comedies of the 1970s, but created something totally original. Yes, Roseanne was political; and it was intelligent, warm, adventurous, moving. It was also perfectly cast.

    But more than anything, it was fucking funny.

    Everyone has a favorite scene from a sitcom. Mine is this sequence from "Stash From the Past." It was early in the sixth season of Roseanne (the show ran for nine seasons in total) and aired on Oct. 5, 1993. Roseanne has found a bag of pot, and well... you'll see. It's impossible to say what's the best bit. Is it when Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) says, "It's just me and my ganja"? Or when Roseanne says, "Birds! Birds! Birds!"? Maybe it's when Dan (John Goodman) does that little hop. Like I said, it's not possible to pick!

    Oct. 18 marks Roseanne's 25th anniversary. There will never be another like it. Happy birthday, Roseanne.

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