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The New Tori Spelling Reality Show Looks Uncomfortably Real

And very sad. True Tori premieres on Lifetime on April 22.

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Tori Spelling — the actress, heiress, best-selling author, and tabloid star — has been most recently in the news for sad personal reasons. Her husband, Dean McDermott, was exposed in a public cheating scandal, which evolved into a rehab stint for him.

Spelling has lived her life in public so far, and she's not stopping now: She and McDermott's post-cheating, post-rehab trials are being filmed for Lifetime for a show called True Tori, which will begin airing on April 22. It will be six hour-long episodes.

This series is not the couple's first time on reality television, of course, but as opposed to their highly scripted Oxygen show, Tori & Dean, which ran from 2007 to 2012, this one looks awfully raw. True Tori began filming only three weeks before its first air date, which is rare for a reality show. Unless it's a live competition show like American Idol, or a show like CBS's Big Brother, which edits and airs almost in real time, reality shows almost always film the entire season ahead of time, and then create story arcs from the complete footage.

That is not the case here. When I asked after the announcement whether the two of them were doing press, a representative from Lifetime told me they are not, and no one is allowed to watch production either.

Here's the first trailer of True Tori — we can probably all agree we never thought we'd hear Tori Spelling say, "I can never give him enough sex."

Donna Martin graduates, indeed. Depressing — and possibly riveting.

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