Ratings for the series premiere of the spinoff are much lower than they were for Roseanne's debut.

Kate Aurthur • 2 days ago

Spoilers about the series premiere of The ConnersRoseanne without Roseanne Barr — begin immediately.

Kate Aurthur • 3 days ago

Joe Giudice, the husband of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice, has been serving 41 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud.

Claudia Rosenbaum • 9 days ago

On Oct. 19, Netflix will launch 10 new episodes of the docuseries that riveted audiences. BuzzFeed News sat down with writer-directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos for their first in-depth interview since 2016.

Kate Aurthur • 11 days ago

Things are never going back to the way they were.

Kate Aurthur • 14 days ago

It's not just one show, it's not just one network: For the first time in network TV history, shows with actors of color in lead roles outnumber shows with predominantly white casts.

Kate Aurthur • 21 days ago

Astronauts! Superheroes! Viola Davis kicking ass!

Adam B. Vary • 22 days ago

There is too much TV, so let us try to help you!

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

In Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy, which is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, Diane Kruger plays Eva Avelin, a charming manipulator. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

In Fahrenheit 11/9, filmmaker Michael Moore covers everything from the 2016 election to the Flint water crisis. He also compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

The Rachel Maddow Show's ratings soared during a particularly bad news week for the president.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

In the wake of the New Yorker's investigation into sexual harassment at CBS, the company's president of entertainment finally faced the press.

Kate Aurthur • 2 months ago

BuzzFeed News obtained a recording of Simmons telling the staff at his Los Angeles yoga studio that "people are now going after powerful men."

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

The 2018 Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday. Here are our takeaways.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

The evolution of Yvonne Strahovski's Serena Waterford was the best thing about Season 2. Warning: A zillion spoilers about the finale, and the whole season.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

BuzzFeed News talked to Whitney director Kevin Macdonald about what a difficult subject Whitney Houston was, her mercurial personal life, and how he unraveled the mystery of her previously unreported sexual abuse.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

She's apparently a fan of the Hulu show! (Spoilers ahead!)

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 3 months ago

Jones directed it, and Donald Glover narrated it. BuzzFeed News has the exclusive video.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

Everyone but Roseanne Barr will be on the new show.

Kate Aurthur • 4 months ago

This week, a few Fox employees tried to draw attention to larger corporate responsibility, and the protest did not catch on — but it was notable.

Kate Aurthur • 4 months ago