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    Nikki Finke Tells BuzzFeed She Is Trying To Finally Leave Deadline

    Will Jay Penske let her?

    On Thursday afternoon, Nikki Finke, who has been in conflict with her boss, Jay Penske, for months, posted this tweet:

    I spoke with Nikki Finke on the phone and she confirmed her plans.

    "I'm grateful to him for all the money he's paid me," she said about Penske. "I'm grateful for all his help in building out Deadline Hollywood. But now too much has happened between us. And it's time for us to say good-bye."

    There is, however, a wrinkle, as she tweeted.

    Penske Media Corp. bought Deadline Hollywood in 2009, and the site expanded to a staff of writers who, along with Finke, regularly break news. But when Penske bought Variety last year, shutting Finke out and becoming the owner of a direct competitor, the two began to clash. In June, The Wrap wrote that Penske had fired Finke. The feuding has continued sporadically since.

    Finke now says she has an offer for more than $5 million from a company she wouldn't name to start "All I have to do is start writing."

    An email to Jay Penske was not returned.