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    Here Is Jason Patric's Anti-Semitic Email To His Ex-Girlfriend

    An email from 2011 that appears to be from Patric contains the phrase "Jew motherfuckers." Take a look.

    In a rivetingly detailed Rolling Stone article, Vanessa Grigoriadis has delved into the hideous custody battle between Jason Patric and his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber over Gus, Schreiber's son conceived with Patric's sperm.

    One of Schreiber's claims is that Patric — a once-noted movie star who led such films as The Lost Boys — would attack her with anti-Semitic slurs, calling her "Ms. Jew Schreiber" and "Jew cunt." The story also mentions an email in which Patric wrote "FUCK THOSE JEW MOTHERFUCKERS."

    As a whole, Grigoriadis' story is so shocking and upsetting that the detail that an actor who has attracted celebrities such as Matt Damon, Sarah Silverman, and Chris Noth to support his Stand Up for Gus crusade would toss off anti-Semitic epithets nearly fades into the bigger picture of repugnance. The story, after all, reads like a horror inversion of The Kids Are All Right, or the worst Lifetime movie you would never want to watch.

    Patric's argument is that he wants legal partial custody of Gus. Patric and Schreiber were together on and off for years, and during an off point, he donated his sperm to her. Schreiber's side, told for the first time in full by Grigoriadis, is that despite their romantic relationship both before and after Gus was born, Patric is a donor — one she says is "psychologically and physically" abusive. In November, she was granted a domestic-violence restraining order against Patric. He physically hurt her repeatedly, she says, including hitting her in the face with a phone. Through his attorney, Patric issued a statement to Rolling Stone that "emphatically denies these allegations."

    Here is a screenshot of the email that appears to be from Patric to Schreiber, obtained by BuzzFeed. It is within an otherwise mundane exchange about pricing life insurance.

    A representative for Patric had no comment.