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    Lifetime's Official "Flowers In The Attic" Trailer

    This earth-shattering event airs on Jan. 18.

    Some footage of Lifetime's forthcoming TV movie Flowers in the Attic leaked onto the internet on Thursday, causing a major ripple among fans of V.C. Andrews' incestuous teen love story.

    The movie — there is a 1987 feature already in existence — stars Heather Graham as the mom (!), Kiernan Shipka as Cathy (!!), and Ellen Burstyn as the grandmother (!!!). And it won't shy away from Andrews' insane plot. Mason Dye, the actor who plays Chris, said to Entertainment Weekly, "Will there be incest? Yes."

    Lifetime seems to have managed to squash the unfinished three-minute-plus teaser for now. So here is the official trailer, which will premiere on Lifetime Thursday during Project Runway All Stars. And yes, that is a cover of "Sweet Child O' Mine," by Taken By Trees. Hilarious!

    Flowers in the Attic premieres on Jan. 18 on Lifetime.