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    Elisabeth Moss Fully Dissed Jeremy Piven On "Watch What Happens Live"

    And it is hilarious.

    Chris Pizzello / AP

    Elisabeth Moss.

    Jeremy Piven's 2008 exit from Speed-the-Plow on Broadway — the much-mocked excuse he gave was that he had elevated levels of mercury from eating too much sushi — continues to provide comic fodder.

    On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live aftershow, Piven's former Speed-the-Plow co-star, Elisabeth Moss, played the show's "Plead the Fifth" game with host Andy Cohen. He asked, "What besides eating too much sushi caused Jeremy Piven to leave Speed-the-Plow?" After laughing and saying, "That's a good one, that's a very good one, I could go on and on," she answered, "Being highly unprofessional."

    "It came out of nowhere," she continued. "He just didn't come back one day." And then: "I saw him, like, a month later at the Golden Globes when he was supposed to be really sick."

    The whole video, which also features Jessica Walter, is pretty funny — and yes, Cohen asks about Jon Hamm's penis — but the game begins at 4:10 here.