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    Could "Zero Hour" Be The Best Worst TV Show In Years?

    Having seen the pilot, I have high hopes that the answer is yes!

    Looks promising, no?

    Geeks, you know the way the name "Rambaldi" is mentioned in Season 1 of Alias, and then by the end of the series, it was, like, WHAT?

    The new ABC show Zero Hour, which marks Anthony Edwards' return to television, starts with WHAT. Full Rambaldi from the beginning. There are clocks, there are Nazis, there's some end-of-the-world-shit. As in, an old man with an accent says, "Twelve men were given a secret that could bring about ze end of the world! You must find these clocks before ze enemy does." There are freaky babies, as you can see above. The show is terrible. I'm excited!

    Facing the press at the Television Critics Association Press Tour on Thursday, the Zero Hour team did nothing to diminish my anticipation. Executive producer Paul Scheuring said his mandate was "To deliver something gigantic"; later fellow executive producer Zack Estrin said, "There are a lot of things you think you know from the pilot that you don't."

    Considering I didn't understand one thing from the pilot, Estrin's comment thrilled me. Zero Hour premieres on Feb. 14 — happy Valentine's Day to us all!

    Please watch and marvel at the trailer below.

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