The Creator Of "Clarence" On Cartoon Network Has Been Fired After Allegations Of Sexual Assault

    “Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios."

    In the past few days, Emily Partridge, a female artist who works on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, went public on Twitter with allegations she had been sexually assaulted by Skyler Page, the creator of Clarence, also on Cartoon Network.

    A Cartoon Network spokesperson told BuzzFeed on Thursday that Page has since been fired. "Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios," he wrote in an email.

    On Tuesday, Partridge began tweeting obliquely, not naming Page or specifying what had happened.

    I want to thank everyone who has joined me in being grossed out by absurd shitty behaviour this weekend

    I've been too nervous to say anything publicly but it's been a messed up few days and ilu guys

    being harassed or assaulted by anyone is scary, feeling like the person who did it to you is somehow more likable/credible is extra scary

    so often, dudes get away with pulling really shady things with the women who work under/around them because of that fear

    But after the particulars began to leak out through social media, Partridge came forward Wednesday.

    okay dudes, this Skyler Page Fiasco everybody is talking about happened to me, you can stop hounding my friends for "proof"

    I've been encouraged by multiple people I trust that I am safe and supported in coming forward about this, so here I am

    I had heard rumours about Skyler being "quirky" but nothing about his fucked up behaviour towards women until AFTER what happened to me

    if I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have let him catch me alone or be near me. I don't want the same thing to happen to anybody else.

    my friends have been speaking out for me while I was too scared to come forward and I appreciate that a lot.

    the fact that twitter needs ME to speak is distressing, but I feel responsible to other women in the industry. don't trust this guy.

    it makes me feel fucked up that people are saying how brave it is for me to say something. this is how unsafe we all feel.

    to people who are saying this should have been discreetly dealt with by HR or something:

    a) HR is already dealing with it. b) discretion does not keep other people safe.

    Clarence, about a boy and his friends, began airing in February 2014, and has done well for the network. Before its premiere, Variety called it a "nifty little gem," and Page, who also voices Clarence, a "wunderkind."

    On Thursday, one of Clarence's former writers, Patrick Harpin, slammed Page on Tumblr.

    "Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN. Skyler's a piece of shit, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-ass chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler's asshole behavior (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason I quit the show more than a year ago."

    Harpin went on to say that Page "never wrote a single episode of Clarence," and fans shouldn't "punish the talented crew that actually raised Clarence."

    The Cartoon Network spokesperson said that the show, which is still in its first season, will continue.

    Page did not immediately respond to an interview request sent over Facebook.