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    ABC Family Spokesperson: "I Have Nothing New To Report" On "Bunheads"

    The cable channel is waiting to see how its new shows do before it makes a final decision.

    ABC Family

    The Bunheads community felt a jolt of hope earlier this week when Variety reported that the ABC Family drama โ€” which has been in purgatory since its first season came to an end in February โ€” had received California's Film and Television Tax Credit. Could this mean, Bunheadsians dared to ask on Twitter, renewal?

    No. Obviously, it's not bad news. (Last month, I summarized all the bad news in this story, and then heard from Bunheads creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, who is not particularly hopeful, for this story.) But basically, according to ABC Family, nothing has changed.

    Here's what a spokesperson for the cable channel told me when I asked what the tax credit means:

    "The tax credit selection does not correlate to a pick-up of another season of Bunheads. I have nothing new to report on that. Any show that is in the program, that may be returning for a subsequent year, must submit an application prior to June 1 and the allocation is grandfathered in. We are not making a decision about a pick up until we know how our new summer series premiere. I promise I will let you know when I have news to share one way or the other."

    Our vigil continues, people of Bunheads.

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