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    DIY Mardi Gras/ Carnival Ideas

    No matter if Mardi Gras is traditionally celebrated where you come from: Masquerade parties are pretty awesome! Here are some DIY projects to rock them.

    Just one thing before we start: A doggy and a cat wearing masks!

    1. Decorate your door!

    2. Make your own masks!

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    If you don't have a plain mask to start from, this tutorial on how to make a DIY masquerade mask from scratch is very helpful!

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    Or learn how to make this lace mask using hot glue!

    3. Make kick ass indoor decor like this pom pom garland!

    4. Have giant balloons tied with ribbon floating around!

    5. Use feathers as elegant party decor!

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    If you don't want to use real feathers but still like the way they look, learn how to make giant paper feathers in this video!

    6. Make a paper fan backdrop for an amazingly cool photo booth!

    7. Make Mardi Gras centerpieces!

    8. Decorate... using Mardi Gras beads!

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    This is even more effective if you fold your napkins into fleurs de lis (Looks fancy, but it's super easy)!

    9. Serve fancy treats!

    10. Decorate with some free pintable stickers/ cupcake toppers!

    12. Last but not least: Jello shots!

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