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    14 DIY Valentine's Day/ Anniversary Gifts That Are Actually Really Thoughtful

    Show your love with these DIY, clutter free and super thoughtful gifts that come straight from the heart.

    1. The breakfast in bed kit.

    2. Make a heart photo backdrop and have a cute photo shooting with your sweetheart!

    3. For the girl/ guy who loves to bake: Homemade jumbo heart sprinkles!

    4. Build them a house!

    5. Handmade Valentine's Cards.

    6. Heart shaped love letters.

    7. Mason jar love notes.

    8. For the lea lover: Personalized tea bags!

    9. Peppermint infusion bags!

    10. Give your sweetheart a kiss in the pocket for when you're not around to actually kiss them!

    11. Scratch-off lottery tickets

    12. A date in a box!

    13. An ice cream kit!

    14. X Years/ Months of Memories