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    • katbvb

      i dont really wanna forget this because it was funny but, i got in big trouble for it. I was the smartest kid in my calss in 4th grade. and i wanted to read a book a year above my grade level. the librarian said i couldn’t check it out though so i went into the bathroom and came out 2 minutes later with a water balloon full of red food dye and toilet water. i wrote ” fuck off!!!” on the balloon and ran back into the library screaming like a chimpanzee, and yelled, ” here! read this!” and i threw the water balloon at her it got in her hair and everything. everybody fell on the ground laughing. she couldnt come to school for 2 weeks cuz everybody thought she had a rash. and i got suspended for 2 days but trust me, thats far from the worst thing i did

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