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10 Ways To Find Your Holiday Cheer

The holidays are upon us, and if you are like me; you might not be the jolliest Santa on the block. While living in a perpetual summer state is nice, it is difficult to find your Christmas cheer when your town's tree is made from sand... So here is a list of the top ten ways to find your holiday cheer, regardless of where you live!

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10: Listen to Holiday Music

This is usually unavoidable if you turn on the radio or work in retail, but if you are a strictly Spotify person, added a holiday station and start to feel the Cheer from some holiday faves. It is hard to feel sad when all those middle school memories come rushing back of dancing around to "All I Want for Christmas is You" on Christmas Eve.

9: Go Shopping

Shop! For others or yourself. Seeing all of the bright lights and decorations will boost your spirits and if you are missing the Winter White North, you can pretend with the A/C blasting from the vents and a nice hot coffee.

8: Bake

Ahh the time-honored tradition of baking cookies. Flip on the oven, don your apron and go to town. Try a traditional recipe or roll out some premade dough and cut out some holiday shapes to decorate later. When you pop them out of the oven, blast the holiday music and frost those fun shapes!

7: Attend Your Holiday Office Party

Do I Have To? No, of course not. BUT it is a good morale booster for the season and a good way to casually mingle with co-workers and higher-ups to make a good impression, just don't have too much of the "punch." Plus, with kitschy photo booths and holiday themed games it might just put you in the Christmas spirit once a for all.

6: Break Out a Traditional Recipe

This is incredible useful if you are far away from home or family. Break out an old family recipe that you are missing or that you usually have this time of year. My Mom makes the best bubble bread every Christmas morning, and it is one thing I miss having, this year I'm going to take a stab at it. I know it will not be the same as hers, but it will make Christmas morning feel a little more like home.

5: Get Involved

Find a community event and get involved. Is there something you want to volunteer for? A Toys for Tots or Food Drive that needs help? Maybe there are just some events that sound interesting in your area, a local high school choir holiday concert or the tree lighting in the town square (Douglas Fir or Sand Castle variety). Find something to get you up and out there.

4: Call Home

Near or far, your mom wants to talk to you. I promise you that. Call home and chat with your family.

3: Spend an Evening with Someone Special

Get dressed up. Call a restaurant, or make a special meal. Call your husband or wife; your boyfriend or girlfriend; your best friend or your squad; your Aunt; your brother or sister. Whoever you want to spend an evening with and make it something special. Order the wine, make the dessert and enjoy each other's company.

2: Decorate Your Living Space

Hang a stocking with your name on it, light your menorah, lay down your mkeka or mount your festivus pole! Decorate your space and you will start to feel your cheer whenever you walk in your house. Add some scented candles or wall mounts with some holiday smells and your whole place will begin to look and feel like the holidays.

1: Watch Your Favorite Holiday Special

Preferably the night before your holiday begins. So bust out the cookies from step #7, flip on the twinkle lights from step #2, gather your people from step #3 and pop in your favorite DVD Holiday Classic and feel the holiday spirit all the way down to your red and green toes!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Festivus for the rest of us! I hope your holidays are filled with laugher, love and cheer.

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