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It's Been 9 Years Since J.T. Died On "Degrassi" And We're Still Not Over It


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First off, you're probably going to want to play this as you read this story:

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Grab some tissues.


JK, it's been nine years. Get it together.

Unbelievably, it's been NINE whole years since Degrassi lost its shining angel, J.T. Yorke.

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His final episode aired January 9, 2007 in Canada.

(The episode aired January 26, 2007 in the U.S., but DEGRASSI IS CANADIAN SO WE'RE GOING WITH THE CANADIAN DATE.)

As we are all pained to remember, our sweet boy was stabbed by a hoodlum from goddamned Lakehurst.

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OK, this GIF makes it look like something else is going on, but I assure you J.T. is being stabbed. WITH A KNIFE.


They even had a huge portrait painted of J.T., somehow.

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That thing must have taken forever to finish. How was it ready in time for the memorial? Oh wait, NEVER MIND THAT, I'M TOO BUSY CRYING.


There are thousands, millions, BILLIONS of people still mourning to this day.

I'm still not over jt's death on degrassi

bro I'm still trippin over JT's death in degrassi

i cant stop thinking about JT from degrassi why did he have to die why did god forsaken us

JT geting shot was literally the most emotional episode of Degrassi 😭😭😭 I still haven't recovered from his death

(I mean, he was stabbed, not shot, but the emotions are still real.)