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    21 Photos Of Fluffy Babies Yawning That’ll Make You Smile

    Just ten more minutes, mom.

    1. This pint-sized pupper who doesn't need a bed as long as you keep holding him.

    TwistedSprinkle/Reddit / Via

    2. And this eensy-weensy kitty who is totally tuckered out.

    StephStephs/Imgur / Via

    3. This tired little fluffy guy who had a long day.

    4. And this exhausted ball of fur who could use a nap.

    5. This drowsy pooch who just wants to stay up for a little bit longer.

    6. And this adorable feline who is stretching out in an effort to wake up.

    7. This worn-out woofer who had a big day of training.

    8. And this adorable floof who is minutes away from dreamland.

    squince/Instagram / Via

    9. This well-dressed doggo who couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.

    10. And this bored cutie-pie who thinks you've been talking for way too long.

    rajah_and_kimchee/Instagram / Via

    11. This fatigued pupperton whose yawn is almost as big as the rest of his head.

    12. And this snoozy kitty-cat who's been burning the candle at both ends.

    13. This dozy pup who always gets tired on long car rides.

    14. This slumbersome flufferton who can't keep her eyes open.

    15. This tired-eyed little muffin who didn't realize the camera was on.

    16. And this fierce kitten who tries to disguise a yawn as a roar.

    yetimonstercat/Instagram / Via

    17. This sluggish munchkin who is trying to keep his head up.

    18. And this wide-eyed kitter who insists that yawning doesn't actually mean she's tired.

    19. This poofy Chow Chow who thinks being adorable is very hard work.

    dexterthechowchow/Instagram / Via

    20. This very new kitten who finds this crazy world very, very tiring.

    Wren and Bandit/YouTube / Via

    21. And finally, this teeny little tyke, who promises he'll play with you right after he gets a little more shut-eye.

    TINYRICK/Imgur / Via

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