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19 Pictures That Prove Group Projects Should Be Banned Forever

"Group projects don't teach you how to work together, they teach you how to work with morons."

1. When you try to contact your project partner:

2. When you just want some clarification on the assignment:

3. When your partners make some pretty big assumptions:

4. When even famous historical group projects don't go as planned:

5. When they really are trying, but not very hard:

6. When group projects are supposed to teach you about "cooperation":

7. When they lose respect for you when you don't write their half of the assignment:

8. When you don't get to choose your partners:

9. When they don't do any work, try to switch groups, then get mad when you take their name off the project:

u/peiattention / Via

10. When they don't do the work and then drop out of the class completely:

u/redditqueen88 / Via

11. When they might drop the class and they might not, and they're not going to let some silly deadline speed up their decision:

12. When they send you their part of the project, which you can't even use:

13. When you turn to threats just to get them to send you their part of the assignment:

14. When they try to pretend they contributed an equal amount to the final product:

15. When they're all too happy to let you do the bulk of the effort:

16. When nobody will answer your texts:

u/frquws / Via

17. When the only one you can rely on is yourself:

18. When you're just completely fed up with groups, projects, and people in general:

19. And when you just have to accept that there's just nothing you can do:

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