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    Posted on Jun. 8, 2016

    28 Of The Most WTF Things To Ever Happen In Oshawa, Ontario

    Shine on, you brilliant 'Shwa.

    1. When this man took his pet for a walk.

    2. When this party-lover knew that he still had responsibilities.

    3. When this onesie got a little too honest.

    4. When this church was blessedly innocent.

    5. When this business opportunity was impossible to pass up.

    6. When this woman decided to do her monthly breast exam.

    7. When Inigo Montoya bought his first car.

    8. When this person had a message for other drivers.

    9. When this driver really wanted to make sure their van was visible at night.

    10. When this man really needed to get to his destination.

    11. And so did this man.

    12. When this man took his best gal out for a drive.

    13. When this person discovered a better way to move.

    14. When this woman forgot her Baby Bjorn at home.

    15. When this tree tried out some new jewellery.

    16. When this man knew the importance of exercise.

    17. When the local foliage really came in beautifully this season.

    18. When the Easter Bunny desperately needed supplies.

    19. When this brilliant marketing strategy was concocted.

    20. When this woman knew that danger can find you anywhere.

    21. When this irresistible offer came along.

    22. When this forgetful person left their beverage behind at THE GAS STATION.

    23. And this absent-minded person forgot their beverage in the bathroom.

    24. And when this silly person forgot their underwear next to the pay phone. (Hey, we've all been there.)

    25. When some local brilliance was captured forever.


    26. When this man didn't learn his lesson.

    27. When hey, on the bright side, at least this person knew that you're not supposed to flush these down the toilet.

    28. And when this shirt allowed people from the 'Shwa to show off their pride.

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