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28 Reasons Absolutely Everyone Hates Hamilton, Ontario

No wonder they call it the armpit of Ontario.

1. It goes without saying that Hamilton, Ontario is the worst.

2. It's a hideous dump of steel and cement.

3. All of the city's buildings are totally ugly.

4. There definitely isn't any impressive or dramatic architecture.

5. And the insides of the buildings don't feature any interesting design.

6. Gore park is just an ugly pile of concrete in the middle of downtown.

7. The residential streets lack any kind of aesthetic or charm.

8. How do people live here?!

9. They haven't kept up any of the charming older businesses.

10. Just zero effort put into building any historical sites.

11. You won't find any vibrant neighbourhoods at all.

12. There are, like, no picturesque spots in the whole city.

13. Like, was anyone even trying to make anything pretty?

14. This must be where the zombie outbreak happens.

15. Imagine having to go to school in Hamilton? Gross.

16. Hamilton has a complete and utter lack of culture.

17. And good luck finding a decent burger.

18. You're definitely going to need a drink, but where could you possibly find a decent beer?

19. It's a bad city for football fans.

20. I mean, if you hate nature, sure, go to Hamilton.

21. Because there are literally no parks or nature trails to see.

22. You won't spot any wildlife at all.

23. Ugh. It's just steel, steel, and more steel.

24. It's like a dystopian horror movie.

25. It's all so disappointing.

26. The whole city is a living nightmare.

27. No wonder everyone hates it here.

28. Better just steer clear of Hamilton altogether. It's for the best.